Tuesday, March 18, 2014


 "If I got lost somewhere, somehow, would you stay?" he looked at her.

"Wait,what? Why'd you want you to go? Don't you like it here?" she asked him back.

He smiled. Leaving her question unanswered.
He took her hand and they walked together inside the cinema.

After the movie ended, they want to go straight back home.
Unfortunately, on their way to the car, a strange man grabbed the girl's bag and caused her to scream.
Her boyfriend tried to punch the man in the face but he missed.
Instead, that man hit his head with a helmet, causing him to fall down unconscious before he ran away.

The girl fell down on the floor and take her boyfriend's head on her lap. She screamed for help but nobody was present at that time. She took out her boyfriend's phone from his pocket and called the ambulance.
She waited in fear and pain.

She waited for him for 3 hours but the doctor said he was not making any progress. She called his family and his parents came as soon as they got her call. Not long after that, the doctor said he's finally came to his senses. She was so happy she felt like running into his room and hug him so tight like she would never let him go. But she knew the priority would go to his parents. So she waited impatiently for her turn.

Fifteen minutes later, his parents got out from the room. She smiled. She knew it was finally her turn. She can't wait to meet the love of her life. As soon as she entered the room, she couldn't help it. She hugged him while crying saying how much she loves him. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, was rather confused of the situation. He looked at his doctor as if he was demanding an explanation.

His doctor finally explained to the girl privately. Due to the hit from the theft, his brain experienced a serious concussion which lead him to brain trauma that caused him to lost all memories he had with her. The girl fell down to the floor as soon as she heard the explanation. She felt like crying her heart out but nothing came out from her voice. The doctor tried to calm her down as said the illness can be cured but it's going to take some time.

"You have to be strong for him." said the doctor.

She took quite some time to get back up and pretend nothing's happened. She took a deep breath and fight the tears back before she made her way towards him. She sat on the bed, took her boyfriend's hand and smiled. With the confusing look from her boyfriend, she said, "I'll stay. Even if it's going to take the rest of my life, I'll stay."

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